Forest Rock Day Nursery

Our Promise

Your child will make friends, interact and socialise whilst becoming more confident and gaining independence by praise and encouragement. Your child will learn in a fun team environment through play and will have access to wide range of toys and activities to develop learning. Our practitioners will support your child whilst they are preparing for school and their future and all of this will happen in a relaxed, but safe, friendly and caring environment where we adopt a happy attitude.

You will be encouraged to be involved in each step of the way as working in partnership is paramount to ensure that your child is happy in our environment. We will monitor your childs progress and make sure that their individual needs are met to enable them to reach their full potential, and there are opportunities for physical meetings with our team as well as the real time online learning journal.

We provide a welcoming environment with the appropriate adult to child ratio in accordance with OFSTED all day care for under 8’s. We operate to the highest standards and maintain highly qualified, valued staff who feel motivated and appreciated. We continually strive for excellence in all areas of our Nursery.