Forest Rock Day Nursery


Johnny has settled in so well at Woodhouse Day Nursery, It was something I was really worried about when returning back to work when he was 9 months old, it’s so nice that we don’t have the guilt of leaving him for the day as I know that he absolutely loves it and is well cared for to hear about Johnny’s quirky personality. The girls know Johnny so well.

We feel very positive about sending him to the nursery and can’t believe how much he has progressed, he is now over achieving in his development area so we couldn’t be happier.

The staff are fantastic and we have a great relationship with them, they are very warm and approachable. There is a great vibe in the nursery full of fun and laughter. The nursery is an extremely safe place, there are CCTV and finger print security systems in place. The place is also immaculate.

Woodhouse day nursery really does go the extra mile and give the best care to our son, we couldn’t be happier.

Many Thanks

Amanda Morgan

Woodhouse Day Nursery is a fantastic setting for my little boy to grow, learn and experience new things. The staff make sure that the learning activities are fun, imaginative and relate to things in the children’s everyday lives.

All staff members take an interest in their development and the children at times get opportunities to mix with the children in the other rooms. My little boy is very happy (and he loves the varied food menus) which makes it easier for me to leave him in the morning. I would recommend Woodhouse Day Nursery to anyone looking for a nursery.

Barb (Thomas' mum)